A Young Man’s Strange Erotic Journey Around the Globe

Wakhan Corridor


Two-day Drive from Ishkashim to Sarhad-e Brohgil
Sarhad-e Broghil

Day 1: Sarhad-e Brohil to Borak

Day 2: Borak to Langar

Day 3: Langar to Kauch Goz

Day 4: Kauch Goz to Lake Chaqmaqtin

Day 5: Lake Chaqmaqtin to Kharchin

Day 6: Kharchin to Warim

Day 7: Warim to Shupokis

Day 8: Shupokis to Shaur

Day 9: Shaur to Sarhad-e Broghil

If you didn’t get enough of my visit to the Wakhan Corridor from the photos, I invite you to check out my video from the trip. Here it is as featured on YouTube. Be sure to crank the volume, there’s some good Afghan jams on there!