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Wakhan Corridor


Two-day Drive from Ishkashim to Sarhad-e Brohgil
Sarhad-e Broghil

Day 1: Sarhad-e Brohil to Borak

Day 2: Borak to Langar

Day 3: Langar to Kauch Goz

Day 4: Kauch Goz to Lake Chaqmaqtin

Day 5: Lake Chaqmaqtin to Kharchin

Day 6: Kharchin to Warim

Day 7: Warim to Shupokis

Day 8: Shupokis to Shaur

Day 9: Shaur to Sarhad-e Broghil

If you didn’t get enough of my visit to the Wakhan Corridor from the photos, I invite you to check out my video from the trip. Here it is as featured on YouTube. Be sure to crank the volume, there’s some good Afghan jams on there!

And if for whatever reason the video is not working on YouTube, here it is featured on Dailymotion but broken into two parts, each approximately eleven minutes long. If the mobile version of the videos doesn’t fit on the screen, for best viewing results turn your phone horizontal.