A Young Man’s Strange Erotic Journey Around the Globe

The Rickshaw Run


The Starting Line – Jaisalmer

Day 1 – Jaisalmer to Jodhpur (≈178 miles)

Day 2 – Jodhpur to Abu Road (≈160 miles)

Day 3 – Abu Road to Nadiad (≈156 miles)

Day 4 – Nadiad to Daman (≈197 miles)

Day 5 – Daman to Mumbai (≈105 miles)

Day 6 – Mumbai Chill Day (=0 miles)

Day 7 – Mumbai to Wai (≈143 miles)

Day 8 – Wai to Gadhinglaj (≈135 miles)

Day 9 – Gadhinglaj to Baga Beach (≈82 miles)

Day 10 – Baga Chill Day (=0 miles)

Day 11 – Baga to Mangalore (≈241 miles)

Day 12 – Mangalore to Kappad Beach (≈135 miles)

Day 13 – Kappad Beach to Kochi Finish Line (≈125 miles)


During the afternoon of Day 8, en route to the beaches of Goa, we’d been having some problems with one of the wheels and pulled over in the middle of nowhere to figure out how we were gonna approach the issue. Not too long after we’d stopped, two guys in a pimped-out rickshaw with massive speakers came to a halt behind us. At first I thought their intention had been to help us out of the jam we were in, but when they turned up the music, jumped out their rickshaw and started shaking their bodies all crazy-like at us, I realized that that wasn’t the case. Following their lead, we temporarily abandoned our woes and joined the two Indian strangers in an impromptu dance party on the side of the road.