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Life of a Manchild Chapter 22 – Nothing is for Keeps

Chapter 22 – Nothing is for Keeps

A post-Sky Burial reflection on mortality…


Nothing Is For Keeps

Clothes and furniture are fine and dandy

My blanket’s warm and snug

The check in the bank puts food on the table

While the kids play on the rug

I’ve got shelter from the storm

That keeps me out the rain

I’ve got prayers that deliver me from evil

And pills to numb my pain

In spite of all these things

I can’t deny that each of us is damned

When sleep eternal lurks behind

Ever grasping with its hand

Security’s but an illusion

Our lives are but a dream

Insurance can’t protect us

When nothing’s as it seems

Never prepared to hear the news

Of another dragged away

Never too young or full of life

For today to be your day

So cherish what you have

And be careful how you speak

All you know is forever fleeting

Nothing is for keeps