A young man's strange erotic journey around the globe


Hi, my name is Tim Lally. I’m a gay porno actor. And here I am pictured with Vinny Hobart, my costar in the award-winning gay porn trilogy about two movie critics who, in spite of having families of their own, end up falling for one another while sharing their opinions over the most recent Ryan Gosling flick. Vinny and I first met on the set of Ziskel & Hebert back in 2009 and, by the time we were working on the sequel Two Thumbs Up You-Know-Where the following year, we were the best of buds. And anyone who’s seen Cuming to a Theater Near You, part III of the series for which Vinny and I won a Stiffie for best tag-team duo in a scene with more than 5 participants at the 2013 International Gay Porn Awards, can attest to our on-screen chemistry. When I’m not in the studio filming hot top-notch backdoor scenes with my best bro Vinny, I’m out exploring the world, visiting new places, learning about new cultures and trying my hand at mastering the local tongue. For your viewing pleasure, all my experiences have been recorded here at www.americasfinestambassador.com