A young Chicagoan's strange erotic journey around the globe

The Stories

America’s Finest Ambassador

America’s Finest Ambassador is the story of a month-long trip to Southeast Asia I went on back in 2011 to visit a college buddy who’d taken a job down in Singapore. I use that time-frame (as if it wasn’t filled with enough noteworthy tales on its own) as an outlet in which to plug anecdotes of previous life experiences including but not limited to encounters with neighborhood weirdos, childhood misadventure and drunken debauchery as relatable to life on the road – all of which are presented as well-written, well-organized and well-thought-out pieces of literature told from the unique and sometimes neurotic perspective of yours truly.

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Life of a Manchild

In a follow-up to my debut writing effort America’s Finest Ambassador, Life of a Manchild covers notable experiences I had during the eight months I spent travelling through Asian and Middle Eastern countries including Yemen, Iran and North Korea between September 2012 and May 2013 while exploring escapist behaviors that keep me emotionally arrested by my childhood, damage relationships and cause me to get into outrageous and shameful – albeit, at times, hilarious – situations wherever I go.

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The World in Photos


Born unto working class parents in January of ’88, Tim Lally is no more than a young man trying to make his way in the world. With a fancy untickled by corporate interests, Tim busts his ass doing blue collar work and puts every penny saved towards fulfilling his dream of traveling to exotic destinations and taking Degeneration X style “suck it” photos in front of landmarks worldwide. Tim is the author of two books as well as an amateur photographer. All his work is available here on americasfinestambassador.com



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